Bird snapshots

I am not necessarily a bird enthusiast but I do love taking pictures of birds from time to time. I guess I just like anything that can fly. So, let’s see some pictures of birds I have taken so far.

Let’s start with a couple because why not? Clearly, one of these birdies is so done with how long the other is taking preparing for their date. Need I mention which one is female and which one is male here?

I captured this one from my room in college.

“Get married they said. It will be fun they said”

Well, forget the couples. What are singles up to these days?

This guy right here came for a chat. However, he found me studying and I told him I was busy. Here, you can see him replying “really?” to my claims.

You, studying? Really?

I managed to finish what I was doing as quickly as I could. However, when I was ready to engage in a conversation, he looked away. I am hereby seeking advice on how to rebuild trust with a crow.

“Don’t talk to me again”

Before you think I only take pictures of crows, here is a picture of another bird species. I am no bird expert so I don’t know what you call this bird. I took this picture in July 2020 when I was taking a stroll in one of Utrecht’s parks.

“Is this angle okay or should I do another pose?”

This Ms wasn’t happy that I didn’t bring any bread crumbs when I went to visit. That is the look of disappointment when I broke the news to her. I am still looking for ways to make it up to her.

“You don’t treat me the way you used to.”

It was a lovely day with blue skies when this bird stopped by for a quick hello outside my window. The conversation, as expected didn’t last long because as you can see, one of us was puffed up and ready for a fight.

Why didn’t you call me?”

Who was I kidding? There are more pictures of crows. It so happens that contrary to public perceptions, crows are intelligent birds. Murders of crows even hold funerals for their deceased. They carry out inspection of the dead body to determine whether there is any threat around the area where they are which could have led to the death of their member. That’s cool! So let’s end here with a picture of this crow thinking about its life and all the mistakes it has made.

“What is life?”

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