The closet in my room

“You have a well-organised room,” remarked a friend as they entered my room. Despite not having a lot of furniture, plants and decorations, the little that is there seems to be put where they are intentionally. So my room is satisfactorily “organised,” at least compared to the friend who visited me because they are definitely not the organised type.

A few minutes after my friend had left, I had to take an article of clothing from my closet. I opened the closet and was greeted by a sight beyond words – utter chaos! My T-shirts were mixed with my jeans. Some of my socks had found their way between my winter clothes and my cosmetics were in an order that would only be put together by a hooligan. My shirts were neither folder nor in hangers. They just laid there – as though going through a serious heart break. In short, there was no discernible organisational paradigm whatsoever. To top it off, I took my index finger moved it along the base of the closet. The amount of dust it unveiled could only be contained in large containers.

I closed the door of the closet and thought to myself: how is it possible to have two parallel universes existing in the same ecosystem. How is it that someone can come into my room and give me a compliment on how clean and organised it is but if they were to see the closet, they would run for their lives as they would think I was out of my mind, a yobbo perhaps? Why do I clean and organise the parts of the room that would be seen by someone visiting me and disregard the hidden parts? Why is the closet in shambles?

As this thought gripped me, I could not help but think of how the closet in my room is allegorical to another closet in my life – my heart. There is a lot disorganisation, dirty laundry and dust that has settled in my heart. There is sin. However, this is hidden from those who just visit the room – those who see and know me because the door to this closet is shut. When I wake up each day, just like I do with my room, I put in place whatever the naked eye can see so that people can give me a compliment or two. At the same time, the hidden parts, the closet, my heart, which are hidden from the human eyes are nothing short of filthy and disgusting. If someone was to open this closet, skeletons would fall out.

I do my laundry once in two weeks. When that day comes, I take my laundry from the dryer, fold some clothes and iron those that need to. I take everything from my closet, give it a good wipe all the way down then put everything back in.  I put my shirts on hangers, my T-shirts folded and put in one place and my socks are sorted and put where they should be. The rule is, I should be able to find anything I need with my eyes closed. When I do that I am more than happy to show my closet to anyone who pays me a visit because I know they will be impressed by it more than they would by the room. The closet simply sparkles.

Perhaps our hearts also need such a cleansing because for as long as we remain human, we will always have stuff in us that we would rather no one else knew about. We will paint an outward picture that is not a total reflection of what is in the hearts. If this be the case, and I believe it is, then it bears asking; What is in your closet? What would people find if they opened it? How often do you clean it?

May we never be comfortable with a filthy and unkempt closet, especially if we have taken all the effort in the world to make our rooms clean for there is someone who sees inside the closet even if you do not open the door.

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