Top Ten Places to Visit in Zambia

I wrote this article about 5 months ago and it was also posted on this website. Thought of sharing it here as well.

Though landlocked, the country is endowed with a lot of rivers and lakes. Zambia boasts of having 35% of the fresh water in Southern Africa. One of great water bodies on the country is Zambezi River, which runs in 5 other countries into the Indian Ocean. In fact, the name Zambia is derived from the Zambezi river! Thousands of tourist visit the river for game viewing, rafting, sightseeing and boating. The country has 9 lakes and among them is Lake Kariba which hosts the largest man-made dam in Africa-Kariba Dam.

There are over 20 waterfalls in Zambia which vary in height and width, though all of them have magnificent beauty. Zambia is home to the majestic Victoria falls, one of the seven wonders of the world. Indeed no words attempting to describe this phenomenal can do it justice-one has to see the beauty of this wonder. From the rainbows that encircle the falls to the wildlife that surround it, the Victoria falls offers is visitors more than they can ask for and it triggers a love affair that can never be exhausted. Visitors can also swim in the ‘Devil’s pool’ just at the edge of the falls or fly over it in the flight of angels to get a spectacular view of the water falls below.

Another aspect that Zambia can boast about is the people themselves. Zambians are known for their own style of hospitality and warm heart. They easily go off their way to offer help. The smiling faces and welcoming hearts makes it easy for the visitors to be totally immersed in. There are numerous hotels and lodges to choose from so visitors are assured of a safe haven to be whenever in the country. A lot of these hotels are located right in the midst of national parks and just besides the beautiful beaches.

When in Zambia, you not only get to see wildlife during the day, but you go deeper into the secret life of the animals to see what these animals actually do when the sun is below the horizon. The location of the hotels makes this very convenient as you can see wildlife in the comfort of your hotel’s balcony under the beautiful sunsets of the savannah. There is no other way of coming closer to nature than this. Visitors to Zambian national parks also get to witness the largest mammal migration in the world. Literally millions of fruit bats cover the skyline of the Kasanka National park every November in the yearly migration of the bats.
Zambia is a very diverse country which quite impossible to describe on paper. The diversity starts from the people themselves to the very minute living creature in the sea. However, we gladly embrace diversity and welcome all people to come and explore this great nation.
Here are the top ten places to visit in Zambia:
1. Victoria Falls 
2. Kariba Dam 
3. Railway Museum 
4. Lake Tanganyika 
5. Shiwa Ngandu
6. Kalambo Falls
7. Nynika National Park 
8. Kasungu National Park
9. Pioneer Camp Zambia
10. Ngonye Falls

Please note that these places are are based on my observations and may not represent the factual data. They are certainly a lot more eye-catching destinations that are not listed here. The best way to know what Zambia has to offer is to play a holiday in Zambia and see the magnificent country that Zambia is.

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